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Radhalaxmi Spintex Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 2013, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of cotton yarn based in Gujarat – India. The Company commenced its operations as a Private Limited Firm focused to cater to the domestic as well as the international market; providing only the best quality cotton yarn with a modern technology in the textile industries arena. Radhalaxmi Spintex has reaped tremendous progress over a period of 25 years with their expertise in weaving a strong foundation in the textile industry. With an enriching experience in this field, and in order to compete on price and quality parameters worldwide, continuous efforts and improvements in the technical know-how are initiated. An addition of modern and sophisticated machineries, has brought Radhalaxmi to enter into forward integration, with a new own spinning mill.

The Company is located in Western region of India, which is efficient to fulfill the customers demand worldwide. Having a rich experience in the field of cotton industries since a quarter of a century, and having their own ginning factories since 1998, they are poised to benefit from the competitive edge over their rivals. Radhalaxmi Spintex is a pioneer in adding value to their products by maintaining a state-of-the-art technology and highest standards of quality. Combining modernization and integrity allows the development of efficient and effective products which enables Radhalaxmi Spintex to serve their customers globally.

In the textile industry, Radhalaxmi Spintex has engineered a very positive and visible image of ceaselessly elevating manufacturing and marketing capabilities. The Mill has planned to expand their production capacity to the extent of double in the near future to meet the customers demand. They make reliable value yarn products with highly quality conscious, trustworthy, and leading brands for their domestic and international consumers by ensuring sustainable growth, establishing efficient, modern technology and leadership practices that fit to their consumer commitment.