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The total installed capacity of Radhalaxmi Spintex is 35232 spindles and it produces up to 7200 tons per month with a top edge technology from various countries. The Company decided to cater all over the world with a very fast changing scenario in the textile industries, to go with the world-class selection of machineries from all over the world and that’s why it makes remarkably sophisticated quality turn-over to ensure a prompt position in the market. The latest technological infrastructure gives an edge in the competitive market. A well equipped machinery infrastructure includes sophisticated instrument from all over the world like Rieter, Truetzschler, Electro-Jet, Muratec, etc., with these machineries, the Company provides superior quality products to its client within the committed time period.

Department Machinery Make ( Manufacturer’s Name)
Blow Room Truetzschler , Germany
Carding Truetzschler, Germany
Waste Collection plant Luwa, Switzschlerland
Draw Frame (Pre Combing) Rieter, Switzschlerland
Lap Former Rieter, Switzschlerland
Comber Rieter, Switzschlerland
Draw Frame (After Combing) Rieter, Switzschlerland
Speed Frame Electro-jet , Spain
Ring Frame Rieter, Switzschlerland
Winding Machine Muratec , Japan
Over Head Travelling Cleaners Jacobi - Simta
Yarn Conditioning Plant Sieger, India
Humidification Plant Luwa, Switzschlerland
Air Compressors Kaeser, Germany
Contamination Clearer Machines/ Spark Diversion System Loepfe – Switzschlerland & Vetal -  India
Compact unit Suessen, Switzschlerland
Bobbin Transport System Mohler , India