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With a varied range of quality products developed under continuous supervision and compliance with the international standards, the company makes its remarkable presence felt in the world. The products of Radhalaxmi Spintex are well accepted internationally as well as in the domestic markets since they are handled through an extensive network with end-users. Also, it makes a very prompt image in the international market because of its quality commitment with consistency to deliver on time. The global demand markets for Radhalaxmi Spintex includes Middle East, Europe, Latin America and some part of the Asian Countries.

The Company has its local representative in every part of the country including Maharashtra, M.P., Rajasthan, and many other cities. The sales and marketing team have developed a very good technique for handling and packing of the final products without any quality differ and hence the yarns produced are packed in corrugated, seaworthy carton having very good handling capability and strength to confirm transportation of the goods in an easy and proper way.